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Complete Water Heating Solutions

Having reliable access to hot water is important. Daryl-Evans Mechanical Services specializes in boiler and hot water tank installations and maintenance. With quick and reliable installation, repair, and maintenance services, your hot water should never be an issue. Not only do we provide same day hot water tank replacement, but our experienced team is available round-the-clock and seven days a week so that we can be there at the earliest. Call us today so we can provide an experience and knowledge based quote to best suit your needs and budget.

What We Offer

Depending on our clients’ requirements, we provide various types of drainage solutions. These include:


This service involves inserting a drilling device into a clogged pipe to clean the blockage.


We’ll carry out all the necessary troubleshooting steps, finding out the cause of your issues and resolving them.


Repiping involves the complete or partial replacement of the pipes in a building or property.

Camera inspections

In this service, we use a camera to inspect your pipes and drains to check for clogs and issues.

Drain cleaning

Our experienced plumbers will efficiently unclog and clean all your drains and pipes.

Preventative maintenance

This service involves regular scheduled maintenance of your plumbing systems to make sure they’re working properly.


We take care of the vents connected to your plumbing system to keep your space free of gas and odour.


In this service, a blast of water is passed through the pipe at a high pressure to remove any build-up or blockage.

Trenchless pipe repair

This is an alternative to traditional pipe repair, which uses the no-dig technology for fixing your pipes without having to dig up the existing ones.

No Hot Water?

24/7 emergency plumbers can handle your most pressing problems.

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